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Copper Gutters

Copper Seamless Gutters

When it comes to seamless rain gutters, Copper is at the top of the food chain. Some homes, especially historic and higher-end properties, can benefit greatly from copper rain gutters. Often times homeowners and property managers don't even consider this option because they think it is too expensive to install and out of their reach. While the upfront cost is a factor to consider, it shouldn't be the only one.

Both elegant and durable, copper is a great choice for a gutter system.

With a track record dating back several centuries, copper is the best long term investment of all the metals used for producing gutters. As copper waters, it develops a rich patina coating which gives it its natural beauty and its longevity at the same time. Copper is a non-corrosive metal that solders easily which makes it a relatively maintenance-free system that will last upwards of 80 years.

European copper gutters

Half Round Copper Gutters

Half-round gutters elicit the warmth, charm, and elegance that makes your house a home. Classic gutters add both an upgrade and a touch of history. Tri-State Gutteroffering of half-round copper gutters will make for a beautiful addition to your property while providing the same functionality as our other gutter system offerings.

Copper half-round gutters are as traditional as it gets and a perfect fit for any period style home or building. 

K-Style Seamless Gutters

Copper k-style gutters offer the best of all worlds as they functional, elegant, and cost-effective which makes them the most popular copper gutters system on the market.

K- style copper gutters are available in 5", 6", 7" and 8" profiles. The 5" and 6" gutters are available in customs lengths in both 16 oz. an 20 oz. copper.

k-style copper gutters

Benefits of seamless Copper Gutter Systems:


Copper rain gutters are extremely durable. They are suitable for any region and easily many extreme temperatures ranging from subzero

winters to blazing hot summers. Copper is also one of the few gutter choices available which resist rust.


Copper has a beautiful finish and naturally patinas over time achieving a unique, weathered look in just a few short years. This creates the rustic, yet elegant exterior that homeowners & buyers love. Copper also adds a more custom look to the building. Because most people choose vinyl or aluminum for their gutter needs, homes with copper installed stand out from other properties in the neighborhood.

Smart Investment

Copper Gutter Systems can last up to 100 years. When compared to the +/- 10-year lifespan of a typical vinyl system, installing a copper gutter system can be a smart investment into the property, while also saving the homeowner from future replacement costs. Installing copper options also increases the value of the property when it comes time to sell.

Less Maintenance

A copper rain gutter system requires very little maintenance. While they still need to be regularly cleaned off and debris, they sag or need replacement. Due to the nature of the material, it is important to hire a professional contractor like a Gutter solution of New Jersey, to properly install any type of copper gutter system.

We Install Seamless K-Style Gutters

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