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The soffit is comparable to vertical siding, and its installation entails more than the actual panels. It protects the underside of eaves and porch ceilings and can ...

When air contacts a cold surface on your home, condensation that can lead to damaging ice build-up, rotting, mold, and mildew occurs. Installing fully vented soffit helps ensure proper ventilation, allowing potentially damaging moisture to escape from your home.

Our vinyl siding offers four types of fully vented vinyl soffit that protect your home and complement your existing siding, whether it’s wood, brick, stucco or our own vinyl siding.

Our Soffit Works Video

Metal Soffit

Metal Soffit Panels. Tri-State Gutter soffit panels feature concealed fasteners behind a flush face, creating a clean appearance ideal for any design.


  • Smooth, clean appearance

  • Follow wall curvatures

  • Allow for flexible design

  • Concealed fasteners reduce weathering

  • Corrosion-resistant coatings available

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