K-Style Copper Gutter

K-style gutters will give your home or business that old-world feel. It’s a timeless look that will make you the envy of your neighborhood. For those who prefer heavy duty. These 16 oz. copper downspouts are 200% heavier than the standard 0.32 Aluminum Gutter. That means they will last longer.

Tri State  Copper Gutters

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Why choose Copper?

Copper gutter systems are resilient and exquisite, adding timeless beauty to your home or building. We offer half-round and seamless K-style gutter, decorative hangers and straps, and many other options. Copper gutter system require an additional level of installation and product knowledge, and should only be installed by those with proper training. Copper is one of the few metals that is meant to be seen, Copper of course does not need to be painted, resolving any repainting issues. Copper will not mildew like most any painted surface or stainless steel. It will tarnish within a few months to a satin brown. Copper actually takes nearly half a century to turn that chalky green, unless special acids are applied to quicken this tarnish effect. This dark earth tone look makes copper a lot more appealing to most people. Not so brash looking as with most other metals. It will stay clean, since it will not mildew. It will also retard the growth of moss on the roofing below it.

Copper gutters and downspouts are truly a work of art as well as a functional part of home. Copper gutters are known to last well over 100 years. They will never rust and after some time will change colors, eventually settling on a gorgeous green patina copper leader heads are a great way to ass a personal touch to your copper gutters.