Shurflo Gutter Guards

When it comes to Shurflo Gutter Guards different truly is better.  That’s because the innovative technology and design that makes Shurflo work, also means that it works the best.  When exploring gutter guard options, there have been two choices: Either choose a gutter-anchored system, which tend to become ineffective after just one season or two, or go with a roof-anchored system, which most likely voids any warranty you have on your expensive roof.

Shurflo Gutter Guards are the first true alternative in that they offer a highly effective system, which does not compromise the warranty on your roof.  Shurflo is a gutter-anchored system that actually works!

Shurflo Gutter Guards are a patented debris exclusion system that keeps your gutters running clean for years; 20 years or more to be precise…when most gutter guards barely make it through the first autumn, you know this must be a revolutionary system.

Shurflo screws directly into your gutter, leaving your roof uncompromised.  Its patented design ensures that sticks, leaves, and all debris wash harmlessly over the lip of your gutter, allowing water to take its course.  This means that there is no overflow, no backup, and the structural dilemmas associated with clogged gutters are no longer your concern.  Listen again: never clean your gutter or gutter-guards ever ever again!

 Shurflo Gutter Guards come in two designs.  There is the standard version, which is suitable to most home locations.  Additionally, there is the “step-down” version, featuring a center ‘hump’ designed to handle the heaviest of rainfalls.  Both designs incorporate premium materials and craftsmanship, both feature the Shurflo warranty, and both give you hassle-free performance for years and years to come.

Get your mind out of the gutter (or at least off your gutter troubles).  Shurflo Gutter Guards are the long-term, worry free solution you’ve been looking for.  Shurflo, guaranteed quality you can forget all about.


Shur Flo come’s in two different styles. The Shur Flo’s Original design pictured to the left and Shur Flo Step Down pictured to the right. The difference between the gutter guards is the original Shur Flo has a flat surface and the Shur Flo Step down has a curved surface in the middle of the gutter guard to handle extreme water flow. Other then that they are identical.